At NetWerks, we work hard to insure that our clients receive affordable, professional, and proficient services. We know that our competitors charge a great deal more. We know that we could charge much more as well, but we want to establish long-term relationships where our customers understand the value of our skills and call upon us on a regular basis, knowing that they will always receive a fair price and honest service.


  • Contracted Rates

    $95 per hour

  • Hours purchased in advanced

  • Monthly service contracts

  • Pre-determined dates and times

  • Onsite Service Fee Included
    (for more than 2 hour blocks)

  • Let us be your tech team!

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  • Standard Remote

    $105 per hour

  • Scheduled service, performed via Remote Access software

  • 12-48 hour response time is typical

  • Business Hours (8:00AM to 5:00PM)

  • Most commonly applied

  • Onsite Service Fee NOT Applicable

  • Contact us for Info
  • Standard Onsite

    $125 per hour

  • Scheduled service

  • 12-48 hour response is typical

  • Business Hours (8:00AM to 5:00PM)

  • Second most commonly applied

  • Onsite Service Fee may be added as applicable

  • Contact us for Info
  • Additional Rates

  • Server/Specialized Network Services: $155 per hour

  • Emergency Response - immediate: +$40 per hour

  • CONTRACTED Server/Specialized Rate: $135 per hour

  • After-hours Rate -> Emergency Rate (see above)

We LOVE seeing you in person, but recently we did a bit of number crunching. We found that with the price of fuel, too often we were literally paying to provide onsite support. (It would be tough to stay in business that way.) Now, it doesn't sit right to use travel as a way to make profit, but our technicians do have to get to your business. So we carefully looked at our real costs and found a fair onsite rate that includes the travel to most of our clients. An additional "onsite service fee" - based on actual distance and travel time may be added for those clients who are outside our typical service area. You’ll see this graduated fee on your invoices.

To help keep costs down for each of us, we'll do our best to work remotely when we can and drive when we need to be onsite.

  • Onsite Service Fees

    Determined by one-way distance from our offices

  • 61+ miles -> $1.00 per mile (one-way)