NetWerks is an authorized reseller of the full line of MakerBot products. Whether you are looking for sales, product support, training, or repair, we are your resource for complete 3D printing.

Whether you are an architect, designer, engineer, student, or teacher, seeing and touching your designs in full height, width, and depth is invaluable. Until recently, 3D modeling was out of the reach to all but a fortunate few. It was time consuming - and very expensive. With MakerBot and 3D printing revolution, that's all changing.

MakerBot is a “prosumer” level 3D printer that uses a plastic filament (think "weed trimmer" line) that gets melted and extruded onto an aluminum platform. Much like an inkjet printer prints onto paper with ink, a MakerBot prints onto the platform with melted plastic. The difference is that after it “prints” a high-resolution plastic image on that plate, the plate lowers approximately 100 microns - the thickness of a piece of paper. Then it does it again. It repeats this process over and over while continually building an actual three-dimensional object. The finished product looks and feels much like a model from a kit.

Four different MakerBot models print in dozens of colors using either PLA or ABS plastic. The MakerBot 2X can actually print a model in two colors at the same time!

NetWerks is the first authorized reseller of MakerBot in West Michigan, and we’ve got a MakerBot 2X in our office. We’d really like the opportunity to show you what a MakerBot could do for you! We’d love to show off this new printer. One of our consultants can come to your building, or we invite you to visit ours. Please contact us to set up an opportunity to see the MakerBot in action.

Note: As a reseller, NetWerks provides full product support and matches MakerBot pricing.

CLICK HERE to download our PDF flyer of the MakerBot product line offered by NetWerks

MakerBot Models

  • Replicator Mini


  • 3.9 inch (length) by 3.9 inch (depth) by 4.9 inch (height)

  • USB and Wi-Fi

  • Layer Resolution: 200 microns

  • PLA Plastic

  • "One Touch 3D Printing"

  • MakerBot Tech Specs.
  • Replicator 2x


  • 9.7 inch (length) by 6.0 inch (depth) by 6.1 inch (height)

  • USB, SD Card

  • Layer Resolution: 100 microns

  • ABS Plastic

  • "Experimental" 2 Color Printing

  • MakerBot Tech Specs.
  • Replicator Z18


  • 11.8 inch (length) by 12.0 inch (depth) by 18.0 inch (height)

  • USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi

  • Layer Resolution: 100 microns

  • PLA Plastic

  • Extra Large or Tall Prototyping

  • MakerBot Tech Specs.
  • Replicator


  • 9.9 inch (length) by 7.8 inch (depth) by 5.9 inch (height)

  • USB, Wi-Fi and Ethernet

  • Layer Resolution: 100 microns

  • PLA Plastic

  • On-Board Camera

  • MakerBot Tech Specs.
  • Digitizer


  • 8 inch by 8 inch scans

  • .5mm resolution

  • 12 minute scans

  • 200K triangles per model

  • USB connection

  • MakerBot Tech Specs.