Unlimited service. No minimums, no restrictions.

MailRoute is a secure, hosted email filtering service that you can have up and running in minutes. There's no hardware or software to install- just sign up, change your mx record, and you're protected!

Includes Inbound and Outbound spam and virus filtering, GreyListing, plus Store & Forward services at one low price. Start a Free 15-day Trial Now

MailRoute Admin Interface

MailRoute Features

- Accurate

- Low false-positive rate

- Multi-layered filters

- Adaptive blacklists

- GreyListing

- Rules-based content filtering

- Distributed traffic pattern analysis

- Quarantine and/or tag and deliver

- Multiple Anti-Virus Engines

- Updated by the minute

- Comprehensive AV Scan

- Customizable notification

- Complete control over MailRoute settings

- Customize domain-wide and individual settings

- Whitelist and Blacklist senders

- Documentation for Users

- Documentation for Administrators

- Online quarantine for stored spam

- RESTful HTTP-based API allows complete control

- Accessible from virtually any client or programming language

- Automate tasks

- Extend MailRoute service features

- Integrate control of the MailRoute service with other applications or scripts

- API Documentation

- Open-source libraries available in our GitHub Repository

- Email stored for 15 days

- No bounced mail

- Instant backup to your server

- Automatic delivery when server is back

- Manual mode: hold delivery for schedule maintenance

- Prevent sending virus/spam from your network

- Reduce load on your server

- Keep your server from being blacklisted

- Improve filtering for inbound mail

- Outbound email traffic used to adjust inbound scoring

- Reduces MailRoute's low false-positive rate further