As a licensed Lavu Partner, NetWerks is your trained local, professional support team for all things Lavu. From initial consultation to system installation and staff training, we would love to help you get started!

The iPad POS system was created for one simple reason: restaurant owners were asking for a simpler, more efficient, more affordable way to manage their business and to take people's orders. iPad point of sale for restaurants was created initially to ease the frustrations of a single business owner who was a friend of Lavu's co-founders.

The appeal caught on quickly as POS Lavu spread world-wide in less than a year. Four years later, Lavu is used daily in over 80 countries on 6 continents and can be translated into any language! We created our iPad POS to help out a friend," says POS Lavu Co-founder CEO Andy Lim, "So, moral of the story: help out your friends."

POS Lavu combines years of restaurant experience with modern technology to create an ipad pos system that makes sense. Its intuitive interface allows for daily tasks and customer interactions to be performed in as few steps as possible. POS Lavu enables restaurant owners to effectively manage your restaurant with employee management features, customized reporting, and live sales figures.

NetWerks is an authorized reseller of POS Lavu in West Michigan, and we would be happy to schedule a demonstration for you. If you have an interest in setting up a demonstration time, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page, and we will be glad to contact you.

Note: As a reseller, NetWerks provides full product support and matches POS Lavu pricing.

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POS Lavu Software Pricing

  • iPad Point of Sale


  • Single Location

  • $59/mo

  • 300+ Restaurant Features

  • Free Updates

  • 24/7 Customer Care

  • Employee Management Functionality

  • Additional Terminals $59/mo

  • Multi-Location


  • (616)238-2530

  • Call Now for More Information

  • Franchises and Chains

  • Customized Regional Reporting

  • Global Menu Push

  • Enterprise-Level Support

  • Additional Terminals $20/mo