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Manufacturer Authorization

If a data recovery service provider meets the right criteria; original equipment manufacturers will authorize the provider to disassemble their devices without voiding the original warranty.

While many data recovery providers claim to be authorized by storage device manufacturers, none of them offer the verifiable documentation that DriveSavers does. View our Manufacturer's Authorizations

ISO Class 5 Certified Cleanroom

A cleanroom is a dust and static free environment typically used in the are of manufacturing. In 2008, DriveSavers invested two million dollars to construct the largest, most advanced Cleanroom in the world dedicated exclusively to data recovery. Our Cleanroom is tested biannually by third-party auditors and is certified ISO 14644-1 Class 5 - the same certification standard that original storage device makers adhere to during the manufacturing process.

Learn more about ISO Standards, view our ISO 14644-1 certificate, or take a View the results of our network penetration test

Encryption Recovery Certification

There are hundreds of encryption tools out there and each one is unique. If the integrity of your encrypted data is a concern, make sure your recovery company has technicians who are trained and certified experts in multiple encryption recovery techniques and processes.

View our encryption certifications

The Bottom Line

Is your data important to you? Don't be a victim of low prices and false promises.

Before choosing a data recovery service, demand proof of their technology, security and experience. If they can't prove it, you may lose it - forever!