Consultation Services

NetWerks offers a wide range of consultation services, including long-term equipment recommendations, EOL (End of Life) schedules, and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) comparisons at very reasonable rates.

A) Technology Implementation Plan

Clients considering significant changes to their computers, printers, communications, networks, or security should request a Technology Implementation Plan Consultation. This is a face-to-face consultation to discuss your application needs. Software and hardware - including infrastructure support, network, printing, and communication will be examined. Client budget and a timeline will be defined. Scope and expectations of the work will be discussed as well. NetWerks will then provide a comprehensive implementation plan for your review. The proposal will include the following:

- Definition of the needs of the client

- Recommendations from the consultant

- Suggested purchases

- Training recommendations

- Timeline

- Suggested tech support

B) Technology Review & Update

Clients who are satisfied with their current technology application but want to insure that they are maintaining their effective technology leverage may want a Technology Review & Update Consultation. Our experts will review your current installations. Software and hardware - including infrastructure support, network, printing, and communication will be reviewed. Afterward, an update plan will be provided to help guide your immediate and future purchases and support needs.

C) Contracted Services Support

NetWerks staff will schedule contracted services at the convenience of the client. The client's immediate needs and requests are always addressed initially. Then, as contract time permits, additional services and training will be provided. NetWerks will advice clients who regularly exceed their contracted time allotments by over 20% that it may be more cost effective to increase their contract. Likewise, clients who are under-utilizing their contracts by more than 20% will be advised to decrease their contracts.

Standard Priority Tech Services

1. Disaster Recovery

2. Tech Requests

3. Virus Removal

4. Virus Definition Updates

5. Software Installation

6. Software Updates

7. Data Backup

8. Registry Maintenance

9. Printer Cleaning and Maintenance

10. Network Testing

11. Network Security Check

12. Hardware Maintenance Check

13. Battery Backup Testing

14. Hardware/Software Training

15. General Cleaning

Software Training

New software can be intimidating if you aren't familiar with the way it functions, and aren't quite comfortable exploring on your own. NetWerks technicians are well-versed in some of the most widely-used software suites available, including (but not limited to) the Microsoft Office Suite, Pages, Quicken, Quickbooks and more, and we would love to help you get more familiar with these programs.