ButterflyMX, creator of the SMART INTERCOM, has developed the most secure and convenient building entry platform that tethers cloud-based software to intuitive touchscreen hardware. Their mission is to connect the wide variety of software-enabled services to residents inside a building. To date, ButterflyMX has facilitated more than twenty million door release transactions and is installed in more than 3,600 properties around the world. The company is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit butterflymx.com.


NetWerks has partnered with ButterflyMX as a CERTIFIED INSTALLER. This means we are able to demonstrate the Butterfly MX line of products, setup further site visits and webinars. After showing you how the system works, our technicians have been trained on the installation requirements. Whether you need a single door, or five, we can make sure that the system runs (and looks) perfect!


Learn more about ButterflyMX by clicking this link.